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Ten-year-old children should not be locked up, leading criminologist says, Jacqueline Maley, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 September 2017.

‘Urgent action’ needed to improve inmate safety in youth offender institutions, warn council leaders, The Independent, 22 September 2017.

NT failed boy who said he sniffed inhalants to stop hunger, royal commission told, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 21 September 2017.

QLD LNP would scrap youth bail housing, Stuart Layt, The Australian, 21 September 2017.

Don’t lock up young offenders – send them to top boarding schools instead, Afua Hirsch, The Guardian, 18 September 2017.

Justice system in Wales ‘to be reviewed to suit Welsh needs’, Tom Davidson, Daily Post, 18 September 2017.

More than $300,000 spent on call-outs to Victoria’s youth prisons in a year, Monique Hore, Herald Sun, 17 September 2017.

Restorative justice is the way forward, Janet Fearnley, The Guardian, 16 September 2017.

Our criminal justice system and prisons need radical reform, John Bird and Baroness Young, The Guardian, 12 September 2017.

The racial bias in our justice system is creating a social timebomb, David Lammy, The Guardian, 8 September 2017.

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G4S – a global security giant with a chequered record, BBC News, 1 September 2017.

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 Prison officers assaulted at Malmsbury Juvenile Justice Centre, Melissa Cunningham and Cameron Houston, The Age 15 May 2017.

Treating young offenders harshly serves no purpose, Hugh de Kretser, Herald Sun, 14 May 2017.

Children held in Barwon Prison illegally, Supreme Court rules, Rebekah Cavanagh, Herald Sun, 11 May 2017.

Lack of Indigenous justice programs a ‘disgraceful honour’ for NT, commission told, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 10 May 2017.

NT royal commission: Judge criticises widespread ‘lack of expertise’ in youth justice system, Georgia Hitch, ABC News, 8 May 2017.

NT govt too hesitant to remove abused kids, Lucy Hughes-Jones, Yahoo 7 News, 8 May 2017.

Adam Giles tells royal commission he can’t recall key details of NT juvenile justice crisis, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 28 April 2017.

Child locked in cell for more than 23 hours a day at Feltham, high court told, Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 26 April 2017.

Young offenders locked up for nearly 24 hours in UK prisons in breach of human rights law, report reveals, May Bullman, The Independent, 19 April 2017.

Juvenile justice system needs discretion to judge Apex and other Sudanese teenagers differently, John Silvester, The Age, 14 April 2017.

Guards say youth detention teaches young offenders to become hardened criminals, Roanne Boldery, Townsville Bulletin, 5 April 2017.

Australia’s rate of Indigenous child removal ‘unique’, UN investigator says, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 4 April 2017.

Lawyers to argue holding children in Barwon adult jail breaches human rights, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 3 April 2017.

New Vic youth justice probe, legal fight, APP, 9 News, 3 April 2017.

Children in state care explain stigma, discrimination and not knowing who they are, Sarah Collard, ABC News, 1 April 2017.

Royal commission finds juvenile justice leaves kids more damaged, Amos Aikman, The Australian, 1 April 2017.

Indigenous youth incarceration rate is a national crisis and needs action, PM told, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 31 March 2017.

Agencies join forces to tackle young people’s harmful sexual behaviour, Mike Waites, The Guardian, 31 March 2017.

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Ethnic minorities ‘get tougher sentences due to distrust in courts’, Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 28 March 2017.

Beyond the blade: the truth about knife crime in Britain, Gary Younge, The Guardian, 28 March 2017.

Calls for change were ‘ignored at highest level’, says former Don Dale assistant general manager, ABC News, 28 March 2017.

Don Dale guards bribed kids with threats of isolation, soft drink to ‘fight for entertainment’, former detainees tell royal commission, Felicity James, ABC News, 28 March 2017.

Don Dale: New training for youth justice officers underway in the Northern Territory, Georgia Hitch, ABC News, 26 March 2017.

Don Dale detainee recounts journey from Australian bush childhood to Darwin adult jail, Ben Millington, ABC News, 24 March 2017.

Don Dale: Snapchat videos show guard asking inmates for oral sex, Stephanie Zillman, ABC News, 20 March 2017.

Former US juvenile jails chief urges Andrews to rethink approach to teen crime, Farrah Tomazin, The Age, 18 March 2017.

Youth detention centre upgrade needed after 20 escapes, NT inquiry told, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 15 March 2017.

NT royal commission told detainee put in isolated cell after hearing of mother’s death, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 14 March 2017.

Violence and isolation used to punish young detainees, inquiry told, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 13 March 2017.

More than 2,200 Australians reported abuse in orphanages or children’s homes, Christopher Knaus, The Guardian, 7 March 2017.

High court to hear legal challenge over boy kept in cell 23 hours a day, Alan Travis, The Guardian, 7 March 2017.

Youth sentencing to take child’s upbringing into account, Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 7 March 2017.

A third of WA youth in detention have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, according to research, Perth Now, 3 March 2017.

How Eminem’s music is helping young offenders break the cycle of crime, Juliet Rix, The Guardian, 1 March 2017.

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The small town trying to shift spending from punishment to prevention, Marie McInerney, The Guardian, 23 February 2017.

Australia’s ‘inconsistent approach’ to human rights could jeopardise UN seat bid, Amnesty warns, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 22 February 2017. 

Keeping clear of the prison: ‘I can’t go back in there’, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 21 February 2017.

With its history, G4S should not be trusted to care for vulnerable children, Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian, 20 February 2017.

Indigenous incarceration: turning the tide on colonisation’s cruel third act, Call Wahlquist, The Guardian, 20 February 2017.

Indigenous incarceration rates are not an intractable problem – we have the solutions, Shane Duffy and Antoinette Braybrook, The Guardian, 20 February 2017.

Juvenile inmate ‘threatened to behead police officer’ at prison in Sydney’s west, Yahoo7 News, 19 February 2017.

Northern Territory unveils measures to fix ‘broken’ youth justice system, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 9 February 2017.

Juvenile justice to face scrutiny after Australia ratifies torture treatment, Ben Doherty, Helen Davidson and Paul Karp, The Guardian, 9 February 2017.

Inside WA’s juvenile detention centres, Kate Campbell, PerthNow, 7 February 2017.

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Victorian youth justice centre deemed ‘appalling’ six years before riot crisis, former deputy ombudsman says, Loretta Florance and Jessica Longbottom, ABC News, 28 January 2017.

Chilling poetry reveals Don Dale inmate Dylan Voller’s suffering, Kate Aubusson, Sydney Morning Herald, 27 January 2017.

Children in group homes face criminal charges for breaking coffee cups, says report, Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian, 25 January 2017.

Don Dale: NT Chief Justice denies judges sentencing fewer youth to detention after scandal, Alyssa Betts, ABC, 21 January 2017.

Don Dale detainee says he told guards he was giving up before teargassing, Steven Schubert, ABC, 20 January 2017.

Children as young as five suspended in NT, Children’s Commissioner ‘floored’ by numbers, Jano Gibson, ABC, 17 January 2017.

Youth detention: Former detainees file class action against NT Government, seek compensation, James Oaten and Jane Bardon, ABC, 11 January 2017.

Police quell riot at Melbourne youth detention centre, AAP, The Guardian, 8 January 2017.



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Dylan Voller was set up to fail by the system, NT royal commission hears, Neda Vanovac, ABC, 13 December 2016.

Parole Board rejected offer to rehabilitate teen at centre of NT royal commission, Allan Clarke, BuzzFeed News, 13 December 2016

Dylan Voller gives evidence before NT royal commission, says he felt like he was ‘going to die’, Neda Vanovac, ABC, 13 December 2016.

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Is 2016 the year our leaders are shocked into action for Indigenous kids?, Rodney Dillon, The Guardian, 8 December 2016.

We now have a Premier who makes no apologies for disregarding the human rights of children, Ruth Barson, Sydney Morning Herald, 6 December 2016.

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FASD: Record Indigenous incarceration rates could be avoided with early clinical assessment: experts, Russell Skelton, ABC, 28 November 2016.

Teenage Barwon prisoners kept in their cells as concerns about conditions grow, Bianca Hall, The Age, 26 November 2016.

Children in 20-hour lockdown at Barwon Prison: lawyer, Bianca Hall, The Age, 23 November 2016.

Juvenile crime fears: Mentoring program that breaks chain of offending under risk from cuts, Jane Hansen, The Daily Telegraph, 13 November 2016.

Australia failing to safeguard cultural connections for Aboriginal children in out-of-home-care, Alwin Chong and Fiona Arney, The Conversation, 9 November 2016.

Kids self-harm in custody, launch legal action against government, Jacqueline Maley and Patrick Begley, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November 2016.

Northern Territory under pressure to close Don Dale after scathing report, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 1 November 2016.

Teenage boys are locked in cells for up to 23 hours a day and spend one hour of ‘recreation’ time wearing handcuffs in correctional centres, Ashleigh Davis, Daily Mail, 27 October 2016.

Juvenile Justice: NSW to review youth detention centres amid detainee isolation claims, Sarah Gerathy, ABC, 27 October 2016.

Teen in NT youth detention left naked for almost 11 hours, Children’s Commissioner report finds, Sara Everingham, ABC, 26 October 2016.

Indigenous groups must be involved in policy that affects them, inquiry hears, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 12 October 2016.

Don Dale detainee ‘unfairly punished’ with teargas for actions of others, court told, Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 27 September 2016.

A community program in a small NSW town could reform the justice system, Emily Brooks, The Huffington Post, 19 September 2016.

‘You’re just a face on a screen really’: the huge technology change in NSW courts, Rachael Olding, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 September 2016.

Backing Bourke: How a radical new approach is saving young people from a life of crime, Geoff Thompson, Lisa McGregor and Anne Davies, Four Corners, 19 September 2016.

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Staff threatened in ‘serious riot incident’ at Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, prison guard union says, Emily Woods, The Age, 12 September 2016.

Immediate action necessary to protect children in NT detention, Human Rights Law Centre, 5 September 2016.

Indigenous-led youth diversion programs being overlooked in Queensland: Amnesty International, Annie Guest, ABC, 1 September 2016.

Footage from inside Brisbane prison shows teen confronted by seven prison officers and put in spit mask, David Murray, Courier Mail, 30 August 2016.

Pressure mounting to move along QLD youth justice reforms, Amy Remeikis, Brisbane Times, 23 August 2016.

Former Queensland youth detention worker ‘took abuse concerns to government in April’, Alexandra Blucher and Sharnie Kim, ABC, 20 August 2016.

Indigenous leaders plead for prison alternatives for NT youth ahead of Wave Hill walk-off anniversary, Elliana Lawford, ABC, 19 August 2016.

Worker at Ashley Youth Detention Centre stood down amid inquiry, Blair Richards, Mercury, 18 August 2016.

Cleveland detention centre: Former inmate tells of frequent bashings, racial abuse by guards, Ben Millington and Tierney Bonini, ABC, 18 August 2016.

Images emerge of alleged mistreatment at Townsville’s Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, Michael Atkin and Sarah Whyte, ABC, 18 August 2016.

Excessive force and prolonged isolation alleged at Queensland youth detention centre, Joshua Robertson, The Guardian, 18 August 2016.

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Protestors confront Nigel Scullion over Don Dale response as Tom Calma calls for his resignation, Anna Henderson, ABC, 4 August 2016.

Shut down Don Dale and all youth detention facilities, says US expert, Michael Koziol, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 2016.

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NT juvenile detention inquiry: Bill Shorten calls for Indigenous co-commissioners to be appointed, Nine News, 31 July 2016.

Thousands take part in rallies across Australia calling for end to abuse of children in detention centres after shocking footage revealed teenage inmates being tear-gassed and stripped naked, Peter Devlin, Daily Mail Australia, 30 July.

Australia’s youth detention facilities under spotlight, Megan Palin,, 30 July 2016.

Thousands rally in Aus over juvenile abuse, SBS, 30 July 2016.

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Police arrest teenagers over Darwin crime spreeABC News, 5 July 2016

Prison not the answer for young gang members, Les Twentyman, Herald Sun, 3 July 2016.

Teenage boy to be dealt with under Youth Justice Act over head lock incident at Currumbin school, Gold Coast Bulletin, 23 June 2016.

Changes to Queensland’s youth justice laws welcome but not token, advocacy group says, Francis Tapim, ABC News, 19 June 2016.

Queensland’s youth justice laws a ‘marshmallow’ approach, Opposition says, Gail Burke, ABC News, 18 June 2016.

Crime is up in Dandenong but can the Apex gang be blamed?, Tom Cowie, The Age, 18 June 2016.

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Canberra justice system needs more integration with Aboriginal community: Forum, Georgia Hitch, ABC News, 31 May 2016

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Aurukun youths may be suffering foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and need help not punishment, Meg Perkins, The Courier Mail, 30 May 2016.

Schools’ tough approach to bad behaviour isn’t working – and may escalate problems, Anna Sullivan, The Conversation, 27 May 2016.

Restraint chairs with cable ties approved for youths in NT, James Oaten, ABC News, 26 May 2016.

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Funding boost to fight youth crime, Samantha Healy, Townsville Bulletin, 25 May 2016.

We’ve been silent on injustice for too long, Ruth Barson and Julia Cleary, The Age, 25 May 2016.

$1 million from federal government for state PCYC program, Alistair Finlay, The Advocate, 25 May 2016.

We must do more to help people with intellectual impairments stay out of prison, Frank Brennan, The Conversation, 24 May 2016.

Townsville branded ‘crime capital’ of Queensland in parliament, Chris McMahon, Townsville Bulletin, 24 May 2016.

Bail revoked for boy facing charges, Samantha Healy, Townsville Bulletin, 24 May 2016.

NT govt and Labor vow crackdown on crime9 News, 23 May 2016.

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Refusing young NT offenders bail would be human rights breach, says Amnesty, The Guardian, 20 May 2016.

Victoria Police and the Herald Sun join forces on youth crime scourgeHerald Sun, 19 May 2016.

Community police board to tackle crime, Samantha Healy, Townsville Bulletin, 18 May 2016.

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Teenage terrorism suspects could be detained for two weeks under proposed NSW laws, Michael Safi, The Guardian, 4 May 2016

Victoria’s child bail changes slammedTownsville Bulletin, 2 May 2016.

Vic juvenile centre repair bill tops $141KNine News, 18 April 2016.

Palaszczuk rolls back Newman’s youth justice reforms, Amy Remeikis, Brisbane Times, 18 April 2016. 

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Institutional abuse: why we don’t listen to children behind bars, Jameel Hadi, The Conversation, 20 January 2016

MP proposes repurposing work camp to house youths as solution for Goldfields juvenile crimeSam Tomlin, ABC News, 20 January 2016

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Our collective shame: the treatment of children in custody, Mary O’Hara, The Guardian, 13 January 2016

Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed,BBC Panorama, 12 January 2016

Labour says all G4S prison must be put into special measures following allegations of ‘unnecessary force’ was used against children, Tim Sculthorpe, Daily Mail, 12 January 2016

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Young offenders gain ‘maturity, responsibility’ training assistance dogs, Karl Hoerr, ABC News, 10 January 2016

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